Actual pin size is 1.25"

Show Choir Collectables is the creator of the original/official Show Choir Collectable Pin.  The idea for a Show Choir Collectable item was developed due to the fact that  participants have nothing to take home/collect to remember their experience except for the show program that only ends up sitting on a dresser or shelf.  Hence Show Choir Collectable Pins were born. 

Here’s how the Show Choir Collectable Pin program works.  Show Choir Collectables will create a customized  pin using your show choir's event logo with the year incorporated on it.  If you don’t have a logo we can help you create one for a nominal charge .  The Collectable Pin will be sold at your event for all the participants to collect.  The show choir kids we surveyed were ecstatic about the idea and cannot wait to collect them from each event they participate in.  We have heard such statements as “I’m going to collect them and put them all on a lanyard”, “I’m going to put them on my show choir bag”, “I can’t wait to collect them at each competition every year”.

Not only will this be a great way for the kids to remember their show choir experiences it will increase your event's revenue.  The cost to produce your show choir event pin will be $2.50/pin, slightly higher with more complex logo designs (100 pin minimum order).  We feel since this is a collectable item, you should be able to charge between $6-8.  On the low end, if you sold 500 pins at $6/pin this would result in a profit of $1750.  We will also heavily market your pin to the participating choirs on social media at no additional charge.

2018 Bonus Offer!  When you purchase 300 or more pins Show Choir Collectables will provide you with an additional 50 pins free of charge and 50 more pins if your order is placed six weeks prior to your event.  That's 100 extra pins for free!

Feel free to contact us with any questions at ShowChoirCollectables@gmail.com or by phone at 440.488.1481.

“We’ll turn your logo into a collectable pin!”